Team BR29

Multidisciplinary team of technical professionals in the sector of construction, engineering, civil works, installations and structures, comprehensively covering technical services of high quality in construction, civil works, urbanization, Urbanism and architecture, in the sector of equipment, housing and tertiary of public and private buildings. At another level of expertise, we develop the managment of projects, their development in execution as well as the integral management of the processes of investment, location of the capital investment and development of the same from beginning to end.
We have extensive experience in local and national projects and works, and with work done at the international level.

In the field of architecture, our team stands out in the development of projects in the fields of socio-healthcare, rehabilitation and monumental restoration, urban planning and urbanization, adequacy of historical monuments and joint environments, residential architecture - single-family and multi-family - house of official protection, and public or private sector commercial, hospitality, educational and cultural work. We work with criteria of incorporation of development strategies in architecture bioclimatic, and sustainability, through studies in the field of saving and development of energy plans.

Integral consulting services allow us to coordinated or independent, dealt with the works of architecture, engineering, calculation of structures and development of technical support for the management of both public and private investment plans.

In all our proposals, competitions, projects and works, one of our main concerns and objectives is to give a sense to design bioclimatic and the sustainability of the means used, as well as energy eco-efficiency of the solutions posed, accredited through regulated processes.

Other important strategic bets are technological innovation continued in the field of construction, the implementation of quality systems and openness to new fields of activity, being always these tools routed to the satisfaction of the real needs of the customers.

We are a group of companies with a strong orientation to the customer, based on the quality of their work and the rigour of their addresses and management of work. We tried to make reality the conviction of that person is the Foundation of the company and the best guarantee of good service, and therefore attach great attention to the human and professional development of our companies.

From the philosophy that governs our Corporate Social responsibility (CSR), we want to contribute to the evolution of the different environments in which our activity, develops wishing to be involved to the fullest of their projects, using them to promote based, long-lasting, sincere and cordial relations with our partners especially in mutual respect and trust.